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A Quick Guide to Using Colloidal Silver for Better Health


When you think of silver, images of jewelry and dining utensils may come to mind, so you may be surprised to learn that silver has incredible medicinal properties.

Silver ranks at the top of alternative therapies for many common health issues. It has been recognized as a “cure-all” and natural remedy for everything from colds and sinus infections to cancer and Lyme disease. This blog will help you understand how it works and its multifunctional health uses. 

What is Colloidal Silver?

Today, silver is sold for its healing properties under the umbrella term, colloidal silver. Colloidal simply means that particles are suspended in liquid. As you may have guessed, colloidal silver does really contain silver. So, colloidal silver is a solution of tiny silver particles suspended in water. These nanoparticles are so small that they’re often invisible to the naked eye and unable to be removed with a typical filtering process.

Advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology (the study of small things) have changed the way human diseases are treated, diagnosed and prevented. When it comes to metallic nanomaterials, silver is considered to be one of the most important and beneficial for biomedical use. Recent advances in nanoscience have focused on the potential benefits of silver nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and therapy. 

Silver has earned its “cure-all” status with its impressive list of “anti” properties. Check them out:

✓ Antibacterial

✓ Antimicrobial (kills microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc.)

✓ Antiviral

✓ Antifungal

✓ Anti-inflammatory

✓ Anti-angiogenic (inhibits tumor growth by blocking new blood vessel formation)

✓ Anti-cancer

Colloidal Silver’s Long History

The use of colloidal silver as an all-purpose remedy dates back thousands of years to pre antibiotic days. In fact, silver was one of the few options available for treatment before antibiotics were developed. During the 1800’s, silver was commonly used to make wound sutures, treat syphilis and prevent infection in the eyes of newborn babies. 

Did you know that before the invention of refrigeration and pasteurization, silver coins were dropped into milk to extend its shelf life? Today, many water filters contain silver to enhance purification and ward off bacterial growth. Spraying colloidal silver on your produce will extend its life and reduce the likelihood of mold production. Basically, colloidal silver is a natural preservative!

In more recent years, research has confirmed silver’s therapeutic properties raising the attention of those looking for natural immune boosting and healing aids. 

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

It is understood that silver works to heal the body and weaken disease causing pathogens in more than one way. Each of the following actions disable cells and prevent infected cells from replicating in the body. 

  1. Interfering with cell membranes – by attaching to proteins on the walls of infected cells and damaging cellular membranes. Silver ions can then pass into these cells to disrupt their DNA and essentially cause cell death. 
  2. Binding with DNA – Silver binds to DNA and prevents it from unwinding so that replication cannot occur. 
  3. Catalytic oxidation – Silver works as a catalyst, meaning it causes something to occur without being consumed itself. It has the ability to absorb and hold oxygen and interfere with cell cycles.

What does this translate to: Silver blocks cell respiration by holding onto oxygen molecules that react with chemical bonds surrounding bacteria and viruses. 

Here’s the takeaway in easy language - Silver’s action interferes with a cell’s lifecycle causing bacteria to suffocate and die off. 

Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Bacterial, fungal and viral infections have been known to be successfully treated with colloidal silver. 

➣ Antibacterial

Studies have demonstrated that colloidal silver can kill a wide range of bacteria. An even bigger bonus, colloidal silver has not been found to create resistance in the organisms that it destroys. This is big news considering just how huge of a problem antibiotic resistance is. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year, and more than 35,000 people die as a result.” 

➣ Antiviral

Colloidal silver has been known to have anti-viral effects that aid herpes, warts, shingles, and even HIV/AIDS. One study concluded that “silver nanoparticles are capable of reducing viral infectivity, probably by blocking interaction of the virus within the cell.”

➣ Anti-inflammatory/Skin Repair

For centuries, colloidal silver has been used to reduce swelling and speed healing. 

It can especially benefit damaged or burned skin by preventing infections with its antibacterial properties. You can apply it topically or soak bandages and wound dressings in a silver solution. 

Colloidal silver is great for: 

✓ Eczema

✓ Scars

✓ Psoriasis

✓ Ringworm and other fungal infections 

✓ Cuts/scrapes

✓ Gum disease

✓ Thrush

➣ Cold/Flu Treatment

Colloidal silver has shown to combat the common cold and different types of flu, including swine and H1N1. Research on children with common cold symptoms were observed and treated with either colloidal silver or a saline nasal solution. Both groups experienced improvement, but the colloidal silver group had a 90% complete recovery rate, compared to a 66% rate in the saline solution group.

Colloidal silver can actually be used as a nasal spray or added to a neti pot to kill pathogens that cause sinus infections and allergies. 

I’ve put together some more information on cold/flu and immunity for you here.

➣ Respiratory/Pneumonia Treatment

There are many causes of pneumonia and it can be either bacterial or viral. Its typical for antibiotics to be administered at the first sign of symptoms. If caused by a virus, antibiotics won’t be useful. Since colloidal silver can act on both bacteria and viruses, it can be used as a first line of defense. 

You can ingest colloidal silver internally or use a nebulizer to get the silver in direct contact with pathogens in the lungs. A nebulizer simply converts a liquid into a fine mist so that you can inhale it into your lungs. 

Choosing the Right Colloidal Silver

It’s clear that colloidal silver can help your body overcome many ailments. 

Here’s a quick summary of uses:

• Topical liquid or gel – for wounds, burns, troubled or damaged skin

• Oral/internally – as a general immune response boost

• Ear/eye drops – treatment for pink eye and ear infections

• Nasal spray – treatment for sinusitis, cold/flu, nasal congestion

You’ll find colloidal silver in most health stores and anywhere over the counter remedies are sold. You may notice that it is marketed in different ways too. What you want to look for is true colloidal silver. Avoid products that say “silver protein” or “ionic silver” – these are cheaper forms and will not produce the same effects as true colloidal silver. 

Simply check the label and make sure the product does not contain any proteins or additives. True colloidal silver is just silver nanoparticles in water – usually “pharmaceutical grade deionized water.”

When purchased as a supplement, you’ll see a value of silver in PPM. This means parts per million and equals the number of silver particles per serving. Typical strength levels vary between 50-500 PPM. As far as dosage, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product. 

Safety Concerns?

There is plenty of evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of colloidal silver, but it must be used properly. Long term use and excessive dosages can cause adverse health effects.

The biggest concern regarding the use of colloidal silver is with misuse and choosing a low-quality solution. With the use of cheap silver supplements, a rare condition known as argyria can develop in which the skin turns blueish gray. So, always choose true colloidal silver and use as directed. 

Here’s one last tip…Since colloidal silver is such a powerful antibacterial substance, be sure to supplement probiotics to balance your microflora.

Choosing a probiotic supplement can be overwhelming, but I’ve simplified the process for you – check out my video/blog, “How to Choose a Probiotic Supplement.”

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