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Mighty Vitamin E: Immune Function, Respiratory Health & Aging


It’s well known that nutritional status is a leading determinant of immune function. Simply put, the presence (or lack of) certain nutrients in your body make the difference between being sick or well.

A well-functioning immune system results from the work of various nutrients, but today’s spotlight is on vitamin E. While immune boosting vitamins C and D get plenty of attention, you should know that vitamin E is equally as helpful, especially in older adults.

Vitamin E Linked to Better Immune Function

As a fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E is perhaps the most powerful anti-aging vitamin there is. It has incredible cell protecting properties that slow the effects of aging and reduce your risk for heart disease and cancer. By preventing oxidative damage, vitamin E protects cells of all kind, including immune cells.

Research affirms that “Animal and human studies have demonstrated that vitamin E deficiency impairs both humoral (antibody production) and cell-mediated (particularly that of T cells) immune functions.”  

A 2018 study at Tufts University revealed that supplemental vitamin E has immunomodulatory effects (helps normalize the immune system) and supports health by combating viral and bacterial invasions. Vitamin E research has repeatedly shown its power to reduce age related immune dysfunction and enhance the protective immune response.

What does this all mean? 

  1. Vitamin E is a really valuable weapon against viral and bacterial infections
  2. Vitamin E deficiency weakens overall immune function
  3. A lack of vitamin E increases susceptibility to infections 
  4. Infections and illness can be more frequent and severe without adequate vitamin E

Vitamin E Helps Protect Respiratory Health in Elderly 

Respiratory infections are especially prevalent in the elderly population, who already seem to have a declining immune response. This prompted important research on the link between vitamin E supplementation and respiratory infections in nursing home residents. 

This clinical controlled trial revealed remarkable respiratory health benefits with vitamin E supplementation. The study consisted of roughly 600 elderly nursing home participants that supplemented 200 IU per day for one year. 

The results revealed that vitamin E supplementation significantly reduced the occurrence of common cold cases in this population. So, in this case, less people got sick while supplementing vitamin E. These findings are critical to not only supporting the well-being of the elderly, but reducing already overwhelming health care costs in nursing homes. 

Americans Need More Vitamin E

It’s believed that over 90% of Americans fall short of the recommended vitamin E intake (just 22 IU daily). That’s not a good statistic! Even worse, most people are deficient in many other key nutrients that their body needs to thrive. It’s no wonder the U.S has an overwhelming rate of chronic disease.

How to Get Your Vitamin E

Healthy food sources for vitamin E include:

  • Almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds
  • Avocado
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Salmon and trout

Take a Quality E Supplement

Let’s face it, diets aren’t perfect, so taking a vitamin E supplement is generally a good idea. Just make sure your supplement contains all the vitamin E compounds listed below. The proper dosage for maintaining good adult health is around 50 IUs daily.

When you take your vitamin E supplement, take it with some healthy dietary fat like coconut oil or avocado, This will help your body absorb a higher percentage of the vitamin E in the supplement.

Make Sure Your Vitamin E is Complete

Did you know that Vitamin E is made up of a family of eight compounds? Most people are unaware of this, mainly because 95% of vitamin E supplements sold to the public are marketed as being great, but contain only one of the eight compounds: alpha-tocopherol. And that’s not the kind of supplement you want to be taking.

  • alpha-tocopherol
  • beta-tocopherol
  • gamma-tocopherol
  • delta-tocopherol
  • alpha-tocotrienol
  • beta-tocotrienol
  • gamma-tocotrienol
  • delta-tocotrienol

An ideal dosage of all eight compounds can be seen in my Full Spectrum Vitamin E formula.  

Everyone is Aging – Everyone Needs Vitamin E!

Every year, we get another candle on the cake, and our chronological age increases. What we really know and see as ‘aging’ is the result of free radical damage. This sets the stage for poor immune function, chronic illness and disease. While this may sound like grim news, remember you’ve got a lifeline at your fingertips - vitamin E!

Awareness of respiratory symptoms and overall personal health are on the brain now more than ever due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. The beneficial effects of vitamin E (and also vitamin C, D, zinc, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids) have received more attention as scientists observe the inner workings of the immune system among COVID-19 patients. We know that vitamin E is necessary for a healthy immune system and can specifically boost function in the vulnerable elderly population.

Thanks in advance for sharing this knowledge with your loved ones, especially the older folks in your life. 

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