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5 Nutrients That Support Your Sex Life


What you put in your body – or don’t – has a ripple effect on every physiological process happening inside you. This includes your libido! Defined as a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity, libido is influenced by several factors - and nutrition is a major one.

If your libido is lagging (and not due to a medical condition or drug side effect), it’s likely that a dietary tweak or simple supplementation may be your ticket to supercharging your sensuality. 

OK, so let’s get down… to nutrition that is…

5 Nutrients That Support Your Sex Life


Truly a superhero in the vitamin world, vitamin D (which is really a hormone) has the potential to solve so many health issues. Between bone health and immunity, you’ll find better sexual function on the long list of vitamin D benefits. It’s no wonder vitamin D is one of the top biohacking tools to better health. 

*Biohacking involves making small diet or lifestyle changes to optimize your body’s potential.

There is no shortage of research on the link between vitamin D levels and libido. Studies have demonstrated that low vitamin D levels are associated with low sexual desire and that vitamin D supplementation improves sexual function.

MEN - Higher levels of vitamin D are associated with higher levels of total testosterone, a necessity for healthy erectile function. Further, both vitamin D and testosterone help produce and boost nitric oxide, which promotes blood flow to all the right places. 

WOMEN - Low vitamin D levels often cause low estrogen, a major culprit to a long-lost libido. Most people get additional vitamin D during the summer months causing hormones (and therefore libido) to peak during this time. Feeling more ‘playful’ in the summer? Chances are it’s no coincidence.

Beyond libido, low testosterone and estrogen levels negatively affect mood and can lead to depression, irritability and anxiety. Click here to read the summary of one study that concluded vitamin D supplementation improves female sexual function and mood.

ℹ️ How to Get Enough Vitamin D

  • Sun exposure - 5 to 30 minutes daily at least twice per week
  • SupplementationTake Vitamin D3 with K2. This combination in one supplement can be hard to find but they should always be taken together. I’ve got you covered in my formula with the ideal ratio of these two vitamins. Take 5,000 IU daily to maintain good health and 10,000 IU to boost your levels when needed. 
  • Diet - eat these vitamin D rich foods:

✔️ Fatty fish – wild caught salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel

✔️ Egg yolks – pasture raised

✔️ Beef liver

✔️ Cod liver oil

bodymanual Vitamin D3K2 - Capsules (2-Month Supply)

Vitamin D3+K2

2-month supply




This is one of the most important minerals for overall health, yet most Americans don’t get enough. 

Aside from fighting off invading viruses and bacteria, zinc is involved in the production of key sex hormones like testosterone and prolactin. Testosterone is vital to a healthy sexual drive and function in both men and women. Research has also demonstrated zinc’s integral role in prostate health.

Find out what happened to male rats when scientists supplemented their diet with zinc.

ℹ️ How to get enough Zinc

  • Supplementation - Zinc is in my Multivitamin and Mineral formula and is sold in the form of lozenges, liquids and capsules. The tolerable upper limit dosage for most people is 40 mg per day. Higher doses of 80-90 mg per day can help fight cold symptoms but could also cause temporary side effects like stomach cramps and nausea. Always check with your doctor first, especially if you take daily medications.
  • Diet – eat these zinc rich foods:

✔️ Seafood

✔️ Grass fed beef

✔️ Lamb

✔️ Pumpkin seeds



✔️Cocoa powder



The B vitamin family in general plays a key role in energy, mood, hormone production and handling stress. B12 in particular is known for its ability to boost energy. If you’re experiencing fatigue and mood swings, B12 might be the lifeline that helps you get your groove back. 

B12 further boosts libido through its role in supporting blood circulation. It can also heighten histamine release, the neurotransmitter involved in orgasm. Studies have also found that fertility is affected by low B12.

ℹ️ How to get enough B12

  • Supplementation – available in various forms (tablets, drops, sprays, and professional injections), always choose a reputable brand. A whole food-based supplement is a good place to start. Look for the naturally occurring form of B12, methylcobalamin or methyl B12 where the dosage is usually about 500 mcg and in combination with vitamin B6 and folate.

  • Diet – B12 comes from animal sources:

✔️ Grass fed meat and dairy

✔️ Wild caught fish

✔️ Poultry

✔️ Eggs

✔️ Organ meat


Known for benefiting your mood, brain, heart and eyes, these good fats also help to increase your libido. This happens because fish oil can raise brain levels of serotonin and dopamine – neurotransmitters in charge of mood and testosterone production. Fish oil also benefits nitric oxide levels, creating circulatory benefits for the heart, brain and sex organs.

The specific omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and shellfish are called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

ℹ️ How to get enough Omega 3s (EPA and DHA)

  • Supplementation – choose a trusted brand that sources from high quality fish and water. My fish oil formula made exclusively for BodyManual also contains vitamin E to prevent oxidation of fats.
  • Diet – EPA and DHA come from the sea:

✔️ Cold water fatty fish - salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines

✔️ Shellfish, other seafood and algae


Involved in over 300 reactions in your body, it’s no surprise that magnesium has a hand in your sexual function too. By increasing dopamine levels, magnesium works to enhance your libido. Again, dopamine is directly related to testosterone – the hormone that both men and women need for healthy sexual well-being. 

Common symptoms of low magnesium include fatigue, leg cramps, sleep trouble and muscle pain. These symptoms are an easy fix if you focus on getting more magnesium.

ℹ️ How to get enough magnesium

  • Supplementation – This is the easiest way to boost magnesium quickly. Try Body Calm, my magnesium formula available in capsules or powder form.
  • Diet – Eat these magnesium rich foods:

✔️ Cooked greens – spinach and swiss chard

✔️ Sunflower seeds

✔️ Dark chocolate

✔️ Almonds/almond butter

✔️ Pumpkin seeds

✔️ Avocados

✔️ Spirulina

‘Get it on’ with Better Habits

Stress, alcohol and drugs, poor sleep and a bad diet will all contribute to a lower libido. Paying attention to your intake of these 5 important nutrients could definitely enhance your sex drive, and overall health.

If I had to crown the sexiest vitamin, I might have to choose vitamin D! From lifting your libido to reducing cancer risk, vitamin D stays busy keeping you happy and healthy. You can learn more in one of my many vitamin D videos, Vitamin D Deficiency and Your Health.

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