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bodymanual Digestive Enzymes - 15% Off

Digestive Enzymes

 15% OFF!

Don’t Suffer Another Day with Bloating and Digestive Issues!

Digestive enzymes are nutrients that are critical for optimal digestion, especially in today's world of highly processed food. A daily dose of high-quality digestive enzymes helps you:
  • Maximize Digestion
  • Reduce Gas & Bloating
  • Improve Energy Levels

Newly in stock!

BodyManual Personal Protective Equipment 3-Ply Disposable Masks - Box of 50 - IN STOCK IN USA!


These 3-ply disposable surgical masks are top-quality and ideal for keeping yourself and your loved one safe in these troubled times.  

With comfortable, extra soft elastic ear loops, there is no problem with wearing them for hours at a time.

Each mask is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that also supplies the Red Cross - so you know the quality is right.

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Dr. Eric Huntington, the Founder of BodyManual

Why Do I Choose to Help Others Improve Their Health? 

The most important thing to me is getting patients well. That’s why I take the time to look, inspect and find out what is needed in order to create solutions – not “cover-ups”. 

I truly believe, each person holds the power to transform their current health status into a healthy, flourishing one. 

That’s why I created BodyManual - a line of supplements made from the highest quality ingredients and available to everyone. KNOW YOUR BODY – KNOW YOUR HEALTH

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