No two bodies are the same. Health obstacles can be small & others require you to take your nutrition to higher peaks. Our high integrity formulas have proven to aid all body types in performance with superior grade supplements in higher dosages per serving.

No matter where you are, you can improve your journey to better health with BodyManual.

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BodyManual has created a blend of integrative nutritional supplements that outperforms competitors by its potency and grade. Americans have spent over $35 Billion per year on vitamins and supplements from major retailers across the United States. Sadly, most of them are not getting a good exchange for the money spent.

BodyManual outperforms the competition by giving you a high concentration of vitamins and minerals in larger doses than any other vitamin and supplement company on the market. Saving you money in the long term, while giving you a high concentration of exactly what your body needs and more. 

What Makes Our Supplements Different?

BodyManual nutritional supplements set themselves apart by combining the medical & holistic fields of nutrition.

Our team of medical experts understands how the body works best by having created solutions with clean pharmaceutical grade ingredients!

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Perform better by taking a supplement that delivers MORE.

All products are non-GMO, Gluten Free, GMP compliant and a majority of them Vegan as well.


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How Our Products Are Made


Did you know a lot of vitamins on the market don't have their own factory? BodyManual's mission is to provide top-level health supplements to the world and help individuals achieve an ideal, healthy, functional body that allows them to live a happy and satisfying life. We have spared no expense on producing superior products with top-tier ingredients. Ingredients shown through research as best supporting the body’s ability to heal and grow, support health, longevity, your immune system, mental acuity and memory, as well as those nutrients and ingredients that nurture your digestive system.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

Most people buy vitamins from other companies because they see the "cheapest prices". They are however missing out on the true purpose of a supplement; to deliver to you, the nutrients that your body needs in sufficient quantities. With BodyManual, you can be sure to receive sufficient quantities of ingredients in every single serving and at an affordable price! More quality for your money!

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Meet Your Doctor

Eric Huntington, D.C.

Why Do I Choose to Help Others Improve Their Health? The most important thing to me is getting patients well. That’s why I take the time to look, inspect and find out what is needed in order to create solutions – not “cover-ups”. I truly believe, each person holds the power to transform their current health status into a healthy, flourishing one. That’s why I created BodyManual - a line of natural vitamins and supplements made from the highest quality ingredients and available to everyone.


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