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Cold vs. Flu & How to Naturally Boost Immunity

Can you guess the #1 reason people in the U.S. visit the doctor? Well, it’s the good ole common cold! I’ll touch on the flu too as I cover what you can do about these nagging viruses.


The cold and flu are considered respiratory illnesses but they’re caused by different viruses. To determine if you have a cold or flu you can use these guidelines:


  • Symptoms begin slowly
  • Involves throat, nose and sinuses
  • Possible fatigue
  • No (or rare) fever and headaches


  • Symptoms are sudden and intense
  • Affects the entire body – chills, aches, vomiting
  • Significant fatigue
  • Fever over 100.5

Naturally Boost Your Cold & Flu Immunity

If you do have the flu, chances are you’ll recover in about one week or so. So, why all the hype to get vaccinated against it? The main reason is because the flu can be tougher on those with a compromised immune system, which could increase the likelihood of flu related complications (like pneumonia). 

Here are the cliff notes on dealing with cold and flu viruses; If you’re healthy and avoid developing a chronic disease, your immune system should be able to handle, and recover from, both the flu and the cold viruses. 

So, the most important thing you can do when it comes to battling viruses (and the 100 million germs you meet each day) is to build a really strong defense system. There are several approaches to creating a robust immune system, but since we know that poor nutrition has a negative effect on health, let’s put the focus there. 


One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How do I build my immune system?”

From a dietary standpoint, here is my answer…


This antimicrobial nutrient destroys/inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Providing your body with ample vitamin D is solid preventative strategy against the flu!

Note: Vitamin D should always be taken with vitamin K2. BodyManual has this formula covered. Check it out here.


Sugar spikes suppress your immune system.

Fact: 80 % of your immune system exists in your gastrointestinal tract. Sugar creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria, yeast and fungus that weaken your immune system.

Grains (and their proteins like gluten) promote systematic inflammation.

Read one of the many studies on how poor diet = a poor immune system: Fast Food Fever: Reviewing the 

Drastically limit or omit these choices from your diet.


Get additional good bacteria by adding fermented vegetable to your meals – both help maintain a balanced gut by encouraging beneficial bacteria.

This is such an effective strategy that I made a separate video: How to Boost Your Immune System With Probiotics.

I also took the guesswork out of shopping for a probiotic – learn how to choose one here.  


Healthy fat enhances your immune cells. Consume fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, or trout at least two times per week.  


Not only is bone broth delicious, it’s incredibly healthy for you! It can:

  • boost your immune system
  • act as an anti-inflammatory
  • help heal and seal the gut

Bone broth is so impressive, I made a video on it! You can watch it here: Soup Up Your Health With Bone Broth.

Sick? Here’s how to Handle and Recover Fast!

It’s true even those with the strongest immune systems get sick, and this is OK. The key here is to nip it right away by giving your body an extra boost! With this in mind, I designed Super Flu Bomb.” 

This formula can be used:  

  • daily during cold and flu season
  • at the first sign of symptoms
  • when you’re under stress
  • when it’s likely you’ve been exposed to harmful germs

Let’s face it, germs are everywhere and we really can’t avoid them completely. When you share these effective ways to skyrocket cold and flu immunity, you’ll help others protect themselves and be prepared.

I’ve really just scratched the surface on what you can do here, so for more tips on how to beat the bug, check out my related video/blog here.

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