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Got PMS? Don't Miss These 2 Nutrients

If you suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome), you know it can be both painful and life interrupting. PMS symptoms are a combination of physical and emotional changes that occur after ovulation and before the start of a menstrual period. 

This is an important topic because as many as 3 in 4 women experience PMS symptoms with nearly half of them reporting that it interferes with daily life.

Common PMS Symptoms include:




 Back pain


 Cravings/appetite changes

 Mood changes/depression

I’ve certainly been asked if supplements can help ease PMS - and the answer is yes! If your menstrual cycle is a dreaded event because of unpleasant symptoms, I’m glad you’ve landed here. Let’s go over what nutrients can help ease your body through this time and take the edge off symptoms, without just covering them up.

Relief for PMS Symptoms

Conventional over the counter treatment products such as “Midol” may provide temporary relief, but more often than not, cause harsh side effects.

The most common of these effects being the very same symptoms that you’re trying to get rid of, like stomach irritation, swelling and trouble sleeping. 

You can read the full list of Midol’s side effects by likelihood and severity here.

Since low vitamin and mineral levels are one cause of PMS, let’s look at how replenishing some basic key nutrients can really make a difference in both how you feel and your overall health.

Vitamins that Ease PMS Symptoms

1. Vitamin B6

This is one busy vitamin that you can’t live without!

Besides helping you use hormones, energy and even oxygen, B6 is a natural pain reliever. It works to diminish pain by influencing your brain’s neurotransmitters.

B6 positively influences hormones that control mood and energy such as estrogen, serotonin and GABA - a specific chemical messenger that lowers anxiety and aids sleep.

Research has shown that patients supplementing B6 experience less pain and improved energy and mood. When it comes to PMS, B6 can help from a lot of angles!

Here are the healthiest B6 rich foods…

✔️ Turkey breast

✔️ Beef (grass fed)

✔️ Avocado

✔️ Sesame seeds/sunflower seeds

✔️ Pistachios

You can easily add any of these foods to a salad or meal to boost its B6 content.

2. Magnesium

Did you know that the magnesium level in your body naturally drops right before a menstrual cycle? Add in the fact that stress contributes to magnesium depletion, and it’s very likely you need more magnesium. 

While magnesium is well known for relaxing muscles and cramping, it also plays a role in helping your body metabolize estrogen. This is the very hormone, that in excess, creates PMS. Magnesium can be a magical tool when it comes to easing the majority of PMS symptoms, especially poor mood, headaches and cravings.

Learn more about the link between magnesium deficiency and depression here.

Eat plenty of these magnesium rich foods:

✔️ Leafy greens (cooked) – especially spinach (1 cup yields 40% RDA)

✔️ Avocado

✔️ Almonds

✔️ Pumpkin seeds

*Don’t skimp on magnesium, your body really needs it to regulate the health of your heart, brain, central nervous system and hormones like insulin and estrogen.

Science Supports These Supplements for PMS

Proper nutrition and supplementation support the human body in endless ways – the proof is in the pudding! One particular study highlighted the benefits of supplementing B6 and magnesium together to help with PMS. Results revealed that a combination of these two nutrients reduced PMS more effectively than if just each nutrient was taken alone.

The women in this study that experienced significant improvement were between the ages of 15-45 and took 250 mg of Magnesium and 40 mg of vitamin B6.

BodyManual Supplements for PMS

My favorite supplements for replenishing these nutrients are:

Super Energy Boost for vitamin B6

Body Calm for magnesium

Any suboptimal level of magnesium or vitamin B6 should be handled right away. I hope you find these nutrients helpful and that you’ll share these simple changes with others. 

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