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Reaping the Massive Gut Health Benefits of L-glutamine


You may have heard of the amino acid, L-Glutamine, most likely in the context of fitness where it’s used to help the body burn fat, lose weight and preserve muscle mass.

Beyond being a key player in a healthy metabolism, research has discovered that L-Glutamine is a critical nutrient for gut health. In particular, it helps heal a serious condition known as leaky gut syndrome. If you’re new to this condition, you’ll want to first watch my quick video on the signs and symptoms of leaky gut.

Since your body requires and uses this amino acid in large amounts to create and sustain great health, you don’t want to miss this nutrient. In fact, your muscles are made of approximately 60% Glutamine. I’ll explain here how L-glutamine benefits a lot more than just physique, and of course what sources are best.

L-Glutamine Benefits Gut Health & Immune Function

Improving gastrointestinal health is one of the leading ways L-Glutamine benefits the body. Your intestines rely on this nutrient to be able to repair and rebuild its mucosal lining, which provides a vital protective barrier from bacteria. This is especially important if you have any digestion related problems or inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis/diverticulitis or leaky gut.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch my video on leaky gut syndrome, you’ll need these cliff notes to make sense of these benefits:

What is “Leaky Gut”?

➣ The lining of the intestines are naturally constructed to allow nutrients to be absorbed. This lining also ensures that harmful items such as toxins, unhealthy bacteria, partially digested food particles, GMOs and gluten don’t get through. When a person develops a “leaky gut”, many or all of these harmful items pass through the gut lining and into the body. Once in your body, these harmful substances can travel through your bloodstream to other parts of the body and cause health problems. 

➣ Leaky gut is thought to be caused by things such as eating an unhealthy diet or ingesting gluten, experiencing long-term mental stress, and/or exposure to toxins in the environment.

➣ Keep in mind that symptoms like joint pain, food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, and skin problems are nearly always associated with having a leaky gut. 

L-Glutamine can even help heal stomach ulcers and serve as a natural alternative to the antibiotics often used to treat ulcers. Since L-Glutamine promotes healthy mucous production, it often improves irritable bowel syndrome and restores healthy bowel movement activity. 

The function of your immune system is directly related to the health of your gut. So much so, that your gut is home to an incredible 70% of your immune cells. 

Here are 5 ways that supporting research has shown L-Glutamine positively influences gut health and immune function:

  1. Low glutamine levels are linked to a greater susceptibility to infection. 
  2. Intestinal inflammation was reduced by L-Glutamine, resulting in less food allergies.
  3. L-Glutamine normalizes a particular immune response that produces inflammatory cytokines. This is breakthrough knowledge given that immune cells produce these cytokines as signaling molecules to promote inflammation. 
  4. Immune cells largely depend on L-glutamine to survive, multiply and function in order to defend the body against pathogens.
  5. Supplementing with L-Glutamine decreased intestinal permeability (and therefore improved leaky gut syndrome)

Where Does L-Glutamine Come From?

Your body synthesizes L-Glutamine, but it’s very possible it’s not able to make enough. Given the amount of Americans with digestive conditions, it’s safe to say the majority of people eat a lousy diet devoid of nutrients. The typical American diet high in sugar, grains and unhealthy fat lays the groundwork for health conditions that begin with poor gut health and impaired immune function. 

You’ll find L-Glutamine in both plant and animal proteins including meat, dairy and beans. However, I do not advocate consuming dairy (especially conventional) or beans because of their high lectin content and pro-inflammatory effects. If you omit dairy and beans, there are still plenty of other sources for L-Glutamine.

The Healthiest L-Glutamine rich foods are:

  • Grass fed meat
  • Bone broth
  • Wild caught fish
  • Spirulina
  • Venison
  • Asparagus
  • Chinese cabbage (Bok/pak choi or napa cabbage
  • Raw spinach
  • Broccoli rabe
  • Parsley

Reap L-Glutamine Benefits in Supplement Form

In addition to boosting your immune system, supplementing L-Glutamine will help you burn fat and build lean muscles mass. These factors improve insulin sensitivity and reduce your risk for major health problems like diabetes and heart disease. There is such a strong link between gut health and insulin activity that I made a video to help my patients understand - check it out here.

L-Glutamine is a leading ingredient in my Leaky Gut Support formula that provides specific nutritional support to those with leaky gut syndrome. Leaky Gut Support also includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics and other nutrients that enhance gut function by supporting key areas of gut health.

Click here to learn how probiotics improve your immune system.

In Summary – Health Begins in Your Gut

Your overall health depends on the integrity of your gut. If you’re experiencing signs of a leaky gut, it is critical to address the underlying problem and not just cover up the symptoms. Healing and taking care of your gut is the first step toward alleviating symptoms and achieving greater health. Using my Leaky Gut Support formula in combination with an anti-inflammatory diet (Paleo or Ketogenic) is the most direct and effective way to address the root cause of poor health.

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Leaky Gut Support

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