Veteran Health: A War Zone of Challenges

BodyManual would like to acknowledge and honor all veterans and members of the armed forces. We feel deeply grateful for the enormous sacrifice that our veterans have made to secure our freedom.

Facing a War Zone of Challenges

There are more than 18 million veterans living in the United States, and the majority of them have been exposed to really hazardous conditions; air pollutants, radiation, chemicals, excessive noise and vibration from heavy equipment.

The impact of this exposure reaches well beyond their time of service and creates adverse long-term health effects. Between the stress of deployment and a dangerous environment, it’s no wonder veterans are prone to devastating health issues like depression, chronic pain, insomnia and addiction.

In fact, medical records reveal that 1 in 3 veterans are diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder.

Depression and insomnia are the two most common health issues veterans face.

Nutrition To The Rescue

The good news is that nutritional therapy is an effective way to ease depression and insomnia. An anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense diet will further support proper healing and body function. This means avoiding sugar, processed foods, refined grains, conventional dairy and unhealthy fats. These all create an inflammatory response in your gut and brain and increases your risk for disease.

Magnesium – The Mineral King!

Magnesium is a major mineral that most people are deficient in. This is really concerning since it’s involved in over 600 reactions in the human body. Getting enough magnesium is absolutely vital to your health!

It calms the nervous system, lessens the impact of stress, and targets symptoms like depression and insomnia. By promoting relaxation, proper muscle function, and better mood, magnesium helps you wind down at night and transition into restful sleep.

Become Magnesium Rich!

The best food sources for magnesium are avocados, brazil nuts, salmon and leafy greens.

Need a treat? A small amount of high-quality dark chocolate is a good source too!

Magnesium is also the key nutrient in BodyManual’s Body Calm. Who couldn’t benefit from less stress and better sleep? This makes Body Calm one of the most recommended supplements…for everyone!

Sleep Has Special Powers

A lack of quality sleep lays the groundwork for health problems. Your mental state, immune system, ability to recover, even the pace at which you age, all depend upon sleep quality. 

It’s No Secret, Nutrition Influences Sleep Quality

BodyManual’s Vitamin Zzzz formula promotes the body’s natural sleep cycle. It contains nutrients like B6 and 5-HTP that naturally support the sleep hormones, serotonin and melatonin.

You’ll also find magnesium and calcium, minerals necessary for good sleep, and herbs like valerian root and passionflower that promote relaxation.

Prescription sleep aids can make you feel drowsy, and even worse, interfere with your breathing at night.

Common side effects include numbness and tingling, memory loss and stomach pain.

They really seem to cause more harm than good.

BodyManual Can Help!

You’ll find both Body Calm and Vitamin Zzzz in BodyManual’s online shop.

Use them in the evening and let us know what you think!

You can hear more about how magnesium eases depression and the link between diet and mental health by subscribing to the BodyManual YouTube channel.

You can also see these videos at

Once again, thank you veterans, and we wish you peace and good health!

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