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Men’s Health in Today’s Toxic World


In today’s world, it can be a struggle to get the nutrition men need through diet alone. Even if you eat your daily veggies and stay away from bread and pasta, you can still find yourself struggling with fatigue, excess weight, and at risk for severe medical conditions.

Why? Because today’s dietary world is toxic. Over-processed, genetically modified, and nutritionally empty foods are the new normal. Unless you spend tons of time and money to put careful control in on your diet, there is little chance you can get the nutrition you need through food alone.

The male body has a unique physiology, and it takes the right nutrients in the right quantities to keep it going strong. Cardiovascular conditions, prostate cancer, and diabetes are just a few of the all-too-common conditions men suffer, especially as they enter their golden years.

The good news is that you can DO something about it!

Digestion and Men's Health

There are two types of nutrients your body uses: those that it can produce internally and those that you must obtain through external sources. And, frankly, even the nutrients that your body can produce are built from pieces obtained through your food intake.

For various reasons, men are particularly susceptible to unbalanced and malfunctioning digestive systems. This non-optimal digestive system then creates a waterfall effect of adverse health effects that impact almost every facet of men’s health.

A poor digestive system causes hundreds of adverse health conditions, including:

  • Weight gain
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Increased likelihood of suffering from oxidative stress
  • Reduced effectiveness of the immune system
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Muscular weakness
  • Nutrient deficiencies throughout the body
  • Heartburn

Improving Male Digestion

Restoring balance and proper function to a man’s digestive system can be a simple process, but certain basic requirements must be kept in – both in terms of nutrition and lifestyle. 

Nutrition is best handled through supplementing your diet with the nutrients your digestive system needs to thrive, including:

✓ Digestive enzymes

The body requires certain compounds to break down and utilize the foods you eat, and these compounds are called digestive enzymes. Raw, organic foods usually contain these enzymes in their nutrient makeup, but most foods are processed to remove these enzymes to improve shelf-life (a lack of enzymes is one of the reasons a Big Mac can last for years sitting on a shelf).

Your body is able to compensate in most cases, but the ability to produce enzymes internally diminishes with age – which is why you see men who had a “stomach like a garbage disposal” when they are young but find themselves suffering as they age.

Thankfully, enzymes can be effectively supplemented into your diet. Taking enzymes 20-30 minutes before you eat can revolutionize your ability to digest, especially later in life.

✓ A good, solid multivitamin

A solid dose of the standard, critical nutrients can act as a daily boost to your digestive system. Nutrients such as D3, K2, Vitamin C, B6, Folate, CoQ10, Vitamin A, and more are all vital for your digestive system to operate at the highest level of efficiency – not to mention the other health benefits that they bring.

✓ Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is critical to help keep things moving through your digestive system, lower your cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, and can even help you live longer. Specific forms of dietary fiber, called prebiotic fiber, also helps feed your good gut bacteria and promote an active, health gut biome.

✓ Probiotics

Your gut has a very active biome of good bacteria that are a critical part of breaking food down. Sadly, these good bacteria can become overrun by bad bacteria, and you can find yourself with significant trouble. Probiotics are a healthy dose of good bacteria – it’s like a daily (or weekly) reinforcement of the home-team troops in your gut.

Proper Digestive Health – It’s a Lifestyle

When it comes to a lifestyle conducive to good digestion, there are two things I cannot stress enough:

  • Avoid foods your body struggles to digest. Each person is unique, and most have trouble digesting one or more types of food. For some, spicy foods are a real struggle – while others are intolerant of gluten, lactose, or other common proteins. It is crucial to find out what your body cannot consume easily and avoid it as much as possible.
  • Get sufficient rest! Eight hours of sleep per day can work miracles on your digestive system and overall health. For those who struggle with sleep, natural remedies such as melatonin, calcium, magnesium, valerian root, and others can help your body restore a natural sleep cycle.

In Closing…

Truthfully, staying healthy is not hard. You simply need the right nutrition at the right time, and you need to get enough sleep. If you struggle to get the nutrition you need through daily dietary intake, it is likely time to invest in some high-quality supplements to give your body the boost it needs.

At BodyManual, we are dedicated to helping everyone gain control of their bodies through top-quality, doctor-formulated products that help provide the nutrition your body needs. Each ingredient has undergone extensive testing, and the formulations themselves are third-party tested twice before leaving the lab to ensure each serving has exactly what is written on the label – nothing more and nothing less.

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