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BodyManual Manufacturing Facility

At BodyManual, you’ll not only receive the highest quality formulations in the practitioner channel, you also get the experience of our worldwide team of researchers, formulators, and product development specialists. 

We Exceed The Standard

Your products are produced in our state-of-the-art, USFDA-registered and inspected manufacturing facility, where production standards far exceed requirements laid down by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the FDA.

That’s right, we choose to exceed these requirements. Why? Simple. Our goal is to provide the best nutritional products, so that you have high-quality nutritional solutions necessary to support your active and healthy lifestyle.

Planning and Preparation Makes Perfection

The story of each product begins with an idea – an idea to achieve a desired therapeutic goal. The goal is often established through a combination of clinical experience and review of scientific literature.

Our BodyManual Product Development Team then builds a theoretically perfect formula and puts that theory to work in the laboratory. Months, and sometimes years, of testing is required at this stage, using samples of the proposed raw materials. 

Our team undertakes multiple forms of stability testing. This includes testing under high heat, pressure, and moisture to see how various raw materials may react in combination over time. We work out manufacturing procedures based on the nature of the raw materials and type of product being developed. And, of course, when necessary, we create natural flavors and refine them for perfection.

Quality You Can Feel, Ingredients You Can Trust

Once the final formulation is complete, we undertake an exhaustive search for the highest quality raw materials. Our team gathers all the necessary documents to ensure our standards are met with regard to each supplier and the materials they provide.

We do not accept any genetically engineered raw materials into our BodyManual facility. In fact, we only source from jurisdictions that don’t allow GMO crops, to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination. 

We also ensure that all of our raw materials are free of common allergens.

Attention To Every Detail

When raw materials arrive, we sterilize their external packaging before placing them in the receiving room. Then we test samples of each material according to the United States Pharmacopeia guidelines, or sometimes an even higher standard, to ensure that each material is pure. We also test potency at this stage to ensure that the desired therapeutic benefit can be achieved based on the expectations of each product formulation.

We reject unacceptable raw materials. Only those materials that receive a 100% pass are accepted into our raw material storage room.

Meticulous Manufacturing Precautions

Manufacturing of every product takes place in clean rooms, which completely control the ventilation, temperature, humidity, and pressure of the production environment. We also ensure the level of air particulate is low, to ensure no contamination of the finished product.

Staff entering a clean room must wear specially designed uniforms and enter through a decontamination chamber to maintain a separation between the outside environment and the production environment. 

We take all these precautions to ensure that your final product is pure and of the highest quality.

Independent Testing – Twice

BodyManual is truly leading the way when it comes to testing products.

Did you know that the vast majority of dietary supplements sold in the United States have never been tested by an independent laboratory or inspected by any regulatory agency? The current GMP standards for dietary supplement production require testing by the manufacturer only. And those test results are required to be maintained only by that company. They are not typically reviewed by any outside organization, despite the fact that some brands include a third-party certification on their label. 

However, none of those certifications require testing of every product lot. In fact, most only require that a few samples pass testing before the certification is issued. That means most lots are never tested, despite the third-party certification. 

Once again, the BodyManual standard is at a much higher level. We send random samples from every lot we produce to two independent laboratories for testing before they ever leave our facility. This is in addition to the in-house testing required by GMP guidelines.

Our Firm Beliefs At BodyManual

Our formulations are born out of research, clinical experience, product design, and development from a worldwide team of professionals.

We believe it is our honored responsibility to source only the best raw materials that provide you high-quality products. 

We strive to ensure our manufacturing facility sets the bar higher for the dietary supplement industry. 

We believe you should trust the company from which you purchase your supplements, which is why we pride ourselves on transparency – proudly displaying each product label on our website and welcoming you to learn more about our facility and processes.  

We know that BodyManual is a company you can trust, with products you can verify. 

We hope that you will entrust BodyManual to provide you and your family the best in nutrition for everyday living.

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