5 Natural Home Remedies You've Got To Try

Let’s put the focus on your medicine cabinet. Specifically, 5 naturally powerful home remedies that may help keep you from reaching for toxic over-the-counter medications.

1. Black Elderberry

Black elderberry is an ancient remedy that you can get as a syrup or an extract, or even as a tea. Just like the herb Echinacea, elderberry is super effective at shortening cold and ‘flu recovery time. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves pain and swelling.

If you think home remedies or natural remedies aren’t effective, don’t put Elderberry in that category until you try it. It’s so useful that extensive research is being done into its effect against major viruses like HIV and herpes. 

You might even find that elderberry can replace over-the-counter cold and pain medications in your home. Those medications can be hard on your liver and are, in many cases, downright toxic. That’s no overstatement considering there are more than 70,000 visits to emergency rooms each year caused by acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. These visits result in at least 2,600 hospitalizations and 450 deaths annually. Good reason to consider reaching for the elderberry. 

Even better, black elderberry used in correct dosages is perfectly safe for young children. The syrup has a sweet taste that kids usually like.

2. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a great first aid tool that you can get in liquid or gel form. It’s best known for its antimicrobial effects, which make it a strong germ and infection fighter.

It can ease inflammation and pain, so try applying it to burns or other wounds, as well as skin conditions like eczema. 

Colloidal Silver can also be used as a rinse or a spray for sinus infections. This is extremely important because, if you can knock out an infection with colloidal silver, or any natural remedy, and thus avoid antibiotics, you’re doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Antibiotics are tough on your gut because they knock out both the good and bad bacteria. In addition, the more frequently you take antibiotics, the more you contribute to the problem of superbugs and making antibiotics less effective. So, try colloidal silver and use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

3. Bee Propolis

Bee propolis comes from bees (no surprise there) and is one of the oldest medicines known to humans. Research has shown it is very effective at fighting bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

If you use it in your mouth, it can improve your dental health by reducing oral bacteria. This can lessen cavities and plaque and encourage enamel growth. If you want healthier, less sensitive teeth, you might want to consider using bee propolis regularly.

Bee propolis comes in topical or extract form. Just be sure you buy it at a store, because… well, unless you’re a beekeeper, extracting it from a hive will result in a lot of stings, for which you might need…

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits. It contains antioxidants, it helps balance pH, and it has antibacterial properties.

Use a diluted solution for sunburn relief, either by adding some sparingly to a bathtub or by soaking a compress in a diluted solution and applying it to the burned area. Be certain it is significantly diluted because a high concentration will sting when you apply it to a burn. More is not necessarily better in this case. 

Apple cider vinegar can help with skin imbalances and dandruff, so try using a diluted solution as a face or hair wash to replace chemical acne creams and dandruff shampoos. 

For more uses of apple cider vinegar, check out some of my other videos and blogs about it

5. Himalayan Sea Salt

You can make a very effective decongestant by mixing a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt with warm water and getting it into your nasal passages using a spray or a dropper. Or use the solution in a Neti Pot for a great nasal rinse. If you use that solution in an inhaler for 10 to 15 minutes, it can lessen swelling in your nasal passages and improve your respiratory and immune function. This may be a better option than pharmaceutical decongestants that can make you sleepy, damage your nasal lining, or spike your blood pressure.

On top of that, improve your sleep by drinking Himalayan sea salt in warm water before bed. The high mineral content stimulates the production of melatonin. 

So, be sure you have these five natural items in your home. I think black elderberry, colloidal silver, bee propolis, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt should be mandatory inclusions in your bathroom medicine cabinet. While you’re at it, make yourself a little cheat sheet for how to use them.

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