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bodymanual Capsules (2-Month Supply) Super Hydration Boost - Capsules, Packets, Powder

Super Hydration Boost is the perfect hydration product for anyone who wants to support their bodies hydration levels.  Whether you are an athlete, a busy mom or a busy executive – Super Hydration Boost will help hydrate you.

Product Information

A Full-Spectrum Electrolyte Replacement Formula That Replenishes Your Body

We’ve all heard about the importance of drinking plenty of liquid every day to maintain healthy hydration levels. But hydration requires more than just liquid. It requires electrolytes—minerals that are essential to human health and influence hydration. Super Hydration Boost contains ample amounts of the most important electrolytes. Sodium, potassium and chloride—to help you maintain homeostasis. But it also goes beyond these basics, giving you a full spectrum of electrolytes in order to support proper body balance by maintaining adequate levels of them all.

Electrolytes allow your body to perform a full range of “bioelectrical” functions. From muscle contractions that allow you to move to thinking, seeing and even your heart beating. They also help maintain proper fluid balance inside and outside your cells and are a major factor in regulating the signal you know as “thirst.”

Another unique strength of this product is that it includes several trace minerals. These are often depleted when you become dehydrated. As a result, it replenishes electrolytes that have been lost or are out of balance.  Also, it addresses some of the key secondary imbalances that can be caused by dehydration.

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Customer Reviews

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We work outdoors all year round, including in the HOT ...

We work outdoors all year round, including in the HOT summers here in Arizona. It is extremely important for us to stay well-hydrated, and plain water isn't enough.

Ordered this stuff to help with hydration after bicycling in ...

Ordered this stuff to help with hydration after bicycling in the heat. Works great for that, as well as for during work when it is in 100s. I have more energy at the end of the day after drinking this periodically through the day.I can hop on my bicycle when I get home and pedal a dozen miles without feeling drained.

Additional Information


Supports healthy body fluid balance, proper nerve function and muscle contraction. Influences performance of other minerals. Supports normal blood pressure (as sodium citrate, sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate)


Supports healthy body fluid balance and healthy muscle function and delays onset of fatigue


The primary negatively charged electrolyte of the body. Supports fluid balance. Supports digestion


Supports healthy muscle function and heart rhythm. Mineral that is involved in the release of stored fuel from within the body


Supports healthy muscle function, nerve transmission, and immune system function. Enhances athletic performance


Naturally provides sodium and chloride


Trace mineral essential to proper body function. Can be depleted when a body is dehydrated

Vitamin C

An essential antioxidant


Trace mineral essential to protect cells (antioxidant formation). Can be depleted when dehydrated


Trace mineral that regulates action of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated


Trace mineral that supports enzyme activity and immune function. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated


Mineral found in every cell. Supports healthy acid-base balance. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated


Trace Mineral that supports enzyme activity and antioxidant formation in the body. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated


Trace mineral that supports enzyme production. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated


Trace mineral that supports proper thyroid function. Can become depleted when a body is dehydrated