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Not enough stamina to concentrate at work?

Coffee isn't enough?

Energy level not enough to achieve your goals?

At BodyManual, our #1 mission is to help you improve your health


Super Energy Boost is like a natural multivitamin for energy. It includes:

100 milligrams of CoQ10


30 other nutrients that support energy production. A few of them are B vitamins for energy production, vitamins A, E and C for antioxidant support, licorice root for adrenal gland support, and amino acids to support mental energy and clarity.

Watch this short video to learn how very important CoQ10 is for body function, energy production, and good overall health. I also explain exactly why we included it in SUPER ENERGY BOOST.

There is more to energy than just your levels of CoQ10.
 That’s why there are 31 different ingredients in Super Energy Boost.

Feeling vibrant and full of energy comes from nurturing the health and well being of your whole self--mentally and physically. Super Energy Boost is formulated to give you the essential mind and body support you need to help you feel and be at your best every day.

Super Energy Boost is rich in highly bioavailable forms of B vitamins, which are key to energy production, as well as other key vitamins that support energy production. It also contains CoQ10, which research has shown to be important in energy .

Super Energy Boost also supports your energy hormone-producing adrenal glands with Licorice Root extract and contains several minerals and trace minerals that are key to boosting energy production.

Super Energy Boost Helps you Live The Healthy Lifestyle you Deserve!

“I got the product and I can see I am feeling vibrant and full of energy. I felt the difference within a few days of being on the product. I try to nurture with good food trying to keep good health and well being however I was lacking energy. Super Energy Boost gave me that support I needed. I feel more energetic and I go through my day without having to take naps. What I like is that this product is formulated to give me the essential mind and body support I need for my daily active life. I perform my daily tasks much better and is helping me feel and be at my best every day. I will definitely be repeat customers!!”
-Gina M

About Dr. Huntington

Why Do I Choose to Help Others Improve Their Health?

The most important thing to me is getting patients well. That’s why I take the time to look, inspect and find out what is needed in order to create solutions – not cover-ups.

I truly believe, each person holds the power to transform their current health status into a healthy, flourishing one.

That’s why I created BodyManual.

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