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BodyManual Diabetic Life Support - PHASE 3

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase of the Diabetic Life Support program. The purpose of phase 3 is to maintain the gains that you have achieved on Life Support Phase 2. Phase 3 is composed of Nutrient Capsules (42 ingredients) along with Fish Oil Softgels. You will also follow the Life Support Diet Plan while on Phase 3. This is the same diet plan that you followed on Phase 2. Phase 3 has been structured to provide life-long blood sugar support.

Product Information

This Kit contains both the instructions for Diabetic Life Support Phase 3, as well as the dietary supplements. It does not contain the Life Support Diet plan. That plan comes with Phase 2 and is used for both phase 2 and phase 3.

If you already have this kit, and need more Phase 3 supplements, then you should order the Phase 3 Refill kit as it is less expensive and only provides the supplements you need.


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