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BodyManual Diabetic Life Support - PHASE 2

Diabetic Life Support Phase 2 includes the Life Support Diet Plan, as well as the Phase 2 Nutrient Capsules and Fish Oil Softgels. The Life Support Diet Plan is a recipe book for use on Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Diabetic Life Support. This diet plan makes it easy to select and prepare healthy food which supports good health for diabetics.

Product Information

The Phase 2 Nutrient Capsules contain 56 ingredients which enhance and support the natural function of cells, organs and systems of your body. Phase 2 also comes with Fish Oil softgels which are a vital part of this program. The diet plan, combined with the nutrients in the dietary supplement has been shown by research to bring balance to the body.

This Phase 2 kit includes all necessary instructions explaining how to do the phase 2 program. It also include the Life Support Diet Plan, which describes the eating plan for phase 2 and 3, along with over 100 recipes.

If you already have this kit, and need more Phase 2 supplements, then you should order the Phase 2 Refill kit as it is less expensive and only provides the supplements you need.


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