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The BodyManual Multivitamin & Mineral is loaded with the highest-quality ingredients (this means the best source and form of each component).  Most multivitamins on the market are made with inferior ingredients that do not have the bio-availability nor the potency to help support the body!  


Nutritional support for men and women

What do you need to feel your best—and be at your best—every day? The right nutritional support can be an important part of that answer. Multi Vitamin & Mineral is a complete formulation to support healthy function and enhance daily performance for both men and women. It is formulated to provide a complete array of critical nutrients in single servings that can be taken throughout the day.

Your activity level and the nutritional quality of the food you eat every day can help you determine the right dosage for your needs, ranging anywhere from one to three packets daily. The specific nutrients in Multi Vitamin & Mineral were based on clinical research and experience and provide a broad foundation of nutritional support for overall good health.

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Additional information

Vitamin C

Supports the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and properly regulate immune cells in mucosal tissues

Vitamin D3

Supports proper function of key immune systems cells. Vitamin D deficiency has been observed in many people with autoimmune diseases


Supports the proper function of cells which help the immune system distinguish self from foreign invaders that should be attacked


Supports the body’s ability to turn down overactive immune cells in the gut


Supports the body’s ability to turn down unnecessary immune responses

Vitamin B6

Supports the body’s ability to turn down unnecessary immune responses


Supports the body’s ability to turn down unnecessary immune responses

Vitamin B12

Supports the body’s ability to properly regulate cells of the immune response and is a key component in the production of glutathione, which is a potent antioxidant that protects the body from damage

Pantothenic Acid

Supports the body’s ability to properly regulate cells of the immune response

Vitamin A

Supports eye health, provides cofactors for toxin breakdown and supports skin, soft tissue, and skeletal tissue

Vitamin K2

Supports bone health, healthy teeth and helps the body utilize other nutrients


Supports heart health, neurological health and energy production


Support hair growth, health of nails and metabolism


Supports bone, oral, colon, muscle, blood pressure and joint health


Supports healthy blood pressure, cardiovascular system, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels


Supports immune function, hormone levels and reproductive health for men and women


Supports thyroid, brain and digestion


Supports healthy blood sugar, healthy triglyceride levels and healthy HDL cholesterol


Supports blood sugar metabolism, cholesterol levels and heart health


Supports thyroid health, immune function and bone growth


Supports uric acid metabolism, healthy inflammation response and detoxification


Supports healthy body fluid balance, proper nerve function and muscle


Supports healthy body fluid balance and healthy muscle function

Choline Bitartate

Supports healthy inflammation response

Alpha R-Lipoic Acid

Supports insulin sensitivity, liver health, bone health, eye health and healthy skin


Supports cardiovascular health, powerful antioxidant


Antioxidant, supports eye health and vision and enhances memory


Antioxidant and supports eye health and vision

N-Acetyl Cysteine

Supports glutathione levels, gene expression and insulin receptor site sensitivity


Supports healthy inflammation response and the liver-gut axis

Vitamin E

Supports against free radicals, triglyceride levels and immune function

19 reviews for Multivitamin Mineral – Packets (1-Month Supply)

  1. Mariia Shutova

    The price was great and finally found a vitamin both my husband and I like that we can share.

  2. Fanny Paulino

    The real deal, no need for anything else.

  3. Jose P

    Works well and cheaper than gnc. Take with a meal

  4. Deryl Marine

    It works fine and allows u to feel the difference in your daily activities.

  5. Oliver K.L

    These are such a great vitamin pack for the price. It includes all the essentials so you don’t have to have a bunch of different bottles to take everything individually. My husband says he feels better when taking them and can tell a difference when he runs out and doesn’t tell me so is out for a few days.

  6. Daisy Miller

    I’m currently a stay at home mom and needed some help with energy levels as I’m not working anymore. I will order these packets again. They make me feel better. More awake and more energy.

  7. Wendy

    I have started taking these tablets as part of my workout plan and as suggested by one of my fitness consultant friend. I feel energetic and active whole day and my skin and hair has become better, less to no-breakout

  8. George Powzak

    After using the Costco packs for years I switch to these after they were discontinued. These don’t give me an upset stomach which is phenomenal.

  9. Courtney P

    I have been taking it for 3months now and had no side effects at all.

  10. Paul Maskeuli

    Great value and easy. I travel a lot and these are perfect to just throw in my suitcase.

  11. Tommy

    I wanted to take vitamins but I was confused about what I should actually take. I went ahead and purchased this vitamin kit. I don’t have to worry about taking to many Milligrams or unnecessary supplements. I just open the pack and take them in the car on the way to work. For a 20-year-old this is the perfect buy. Is totally worth it versus purchasing each vitamin/supplement individually.

  12. Sara Klown

    Been taking these for about three months now. I have to admit they make a huge difference in how I feel throughout the day. Should I not remember to take them I feel lethargic as if something is missing. I’ve recommended them to friends and recommend them to you if you are looking for something to help give your body what it needs that isn’t provided by your regular diet.

  13. Sara Kfir Longstein

    I’m a registered dietitian and usually think multivitamins are a waste of money. However, I’ve been experimenting with different diets just to get a “users perspective” and many diets cut out entire food groups! So I’ve been taking this MV for almost a year.

  14. Renee Foxy

    These are great vitamins…I have tried many others and these really are different and better.

  15. Ally K

    These are great for traveling, they keep you healthy are in there own packaging. I take some every time I travel for long weekends. Great price.

  16. Katie

    This is a great product. I was a little leery and didn’t think I would feel a difference. I’ve been taking them consistently with my other supplements and have noticed increased energy & milder menstrual cramps. Didn’t think much of it except for an added boost of energy and my daily vitamin intake. After two weeks I saw my acne clear up and I really think it’s because of this.

  17. T.K.

    I have been using these for about a month and a half and think they do the same for me as the one I was paying three times for on QVC.

  18. Adam

    Good quality. Will order again.

  19. Nancy

    I love these vitamins! I swear they make my hair grow.

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