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Our mission is to provide top-level health supplements to the world
and help individuals achieve an ideal, healthy, functional body
that allows them to live a happy and satisfying life

Hi Everyone!

My name is Dr. Eric Huntington, and I'm the founder of BodyManual, a line of supplements created to help bring high-quality nutrition to everyone.

I have worked as an active member of the healthcare industry for just over two decades, and in this time I have:

  • Held the position as Board Member of the Maryland Chiropractic Association from 2002 to 2012, as well as being the Maryland state delegate for the International Chiropractor's Associate for that same time

  • Been awarded Chiropractor of the Year in the state of Maryland

  • Actively held the position as one of the five members of the Executive Committee of the International Chiropractor's Association's Best Practices and Practice Guidelines

I created BodyManual after extensive research into popular supplements and discovering that most of the supplements available to consumers DO NOT CONTAIN what they say they do.

Unfortunately FAR too many online and retail supplements are designed around marketing (and profit) first, with little, if any, consideration on the bio-availability and impact they can make on the body. 

My solution: partner with entrepreneur Michael Holstein to build a dedicated factory that uses only the highest quality ingredients and true, honest production quality. 

The factory became FDA-certified, and each product undergoes extensive third-party testing and verification before it goes anywhere. I formulated supplements to help anyone deal with common health concerns and optimize the function and health of their body to restore a more healthy, satisfying lifestyle. 

We have spared no expense on producing superior products with top-tier ingredients. Ingredients shown through research as best supporting the body’s ability to heal and grow, support health, longevity, your immune system, mental acuity and memory, as well as those nutrients and ingredients that nurture your digestive system.

I also have numerous health tips, videos, and articles to empower you with information and usable facts to help provide a "manual" for your body.

I sincerely hope that you are able to join the thousands of happy individuals who have enjoyed the benefits of these supplements and enjoy a better life!

Yours in Health,

Best Price for Superior


Because we are able to bypass retailers, and because we develop, source and manufacture all our products ourselves – you are getting the best price on the planet.

Doctor's Have Spoken

Our products are used daily by thousands of people just like you, as well as within the offices of nutrition doctors all over the world. Clinical power, but for personal use.

Full of Vitamins

We take a stand when it comes to the ingredients we use in our products. There are cheaper ingredients to use, however we always use the BEST ones in our products.

Healthy Products

Every one of our products is the result of careful research and a deep review of the most current, relevant research. Supporting your body health with proven daily nutrition.

What Makes Our Products Different?

1. Natural & Pure Ingredients

We personally source every single ingredient ourselves to ensure that you get the highest quality and proven potency in every serving. 

2. Free Global Delivery

One of our missions is to provide the world with a trusted source of the highest-quality supplements on the planet. To do that we include FREE Shipping on every order over $50.

3. Trusted Products

We not only test EVERY batch of every product to ensure quality…but we have 2 other independent labs test our products to guarantee our products standards.

4. Nutrition You FEEL

When taking BodyManual products you will likely notice a difference compared to past products you have taken. We do not compromise with cheaper, inferior ingredients…ever!

5. Guaranteed Quality

We build our supplements within our own manufacturing facility. This allows us to maintain a much higher standard of production than most other supplements. 

6. Doctor Recommended

Every one of our supplements and products is borne from clinical research. Doctors have formulated each product to achieve a result.

How Our Products are Made