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It's time to finally get your health back on track.

Did you know up to 80% of the population is affected by a vitamin D deficiency? 

Statistically, the chances YOU are affected are very high.

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2-Month Supply

This may be the most important video you ever watch...

Are you deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause:

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Abdominal Fat

High Cholesterol


Infections & Illness

Chronic Muscle Pain

Loss of bone density

Fatigue & Sleepiness


Why you should NEVER take D3 without K2

Vitamin D3 takes calcium out of the blood and helps deliver it into the tissues. That, in general, is a good thing. 

However, vitamin K2 directs where that calcium will go. If you take vitamin D in the absence of vitamin K2, vitamin D will take calcium out of the blood and much of it will end up in soft tissues, such as your heart, arteries, and muscles – not where you need it.  

When taking vitamin K2 with vitamin D3, the calcium is directed towards your bones and other places you need it. You should never, never, never take vitamin D3 without also taking vitamin K2. 

Take Control of your health NOW with D3+K2!


George Minkos

As far as vitamin intake, this product has worked very well. I took one pill each morning as I've usually been on the low end of vitamin D or even below normal ranges. After taking for about a year, my doctor was very surprised at my bone density results and how much they'd improved in one year (that was the main reason I was taking). So, it seemed to work very well with both the vitamin intake as well as helping my body retain calcium and helping my bones...

Gabe Birk

This REALLY WORKS WELL. I just had my blood work done. 6 months ago my Vitamin D level was 27 (normal is 30-100). After only 3 months on this, my vitamin D level is 57. I was using cheap Vitamin D from a major chain and it was not working. This product works. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Marcheta Taylor

I have been taking the D3K2 vitamins from Body Manual and this is a fine product! I recently went for a doctor check-up and brought the Body Manual D3K2 vitamins with me to show the bottle to the nurse practitioner. I was surprised that this product consisted of more than just one vitamin; it is a REALLY good product! Now I only want to get the Body Manual D3K2 vitamins!


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