Ketogenic Diet Basics & Benefits

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Nutritional Ketosis The basic goal with a ketogenic diet is to eat your macronutrients – that’s your fats, your protein, and your carbohydrates – in a ratio that allows your body to go into a state called “nutritional ketosis”. The simple way to think of that is this… your body is in ketosis when it’s […]

5 Naturally Powerful Sleep Aids

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Getting enough quality sleep is the foundation for your overall health. Sleep is when your body heals and your brain can sort of reset, so the fact that 40% of Americans consider themselves sleep-deprived is a significant problem. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even brain disorders. Before We […]

How Lectins Attack Your Body

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Lectins are proteins that are mostly concentrated in the reproductive part of a plant’s life cycle (the seed). However, lectins are often found throughout the plant as well and are used as a chemical weapon to protect that plant – sort of a natural insecticide. Because of their ability to ward off bugs, some crops […]