We are so glad you are taking the time to learn more about Vitamin D3+K2. We hope the information on this page will allow you to see how critical these two KEY nutrients are for your body and overall health.

Could your poor health be the result of a deficiency in vitamins D3 & K2?

High blood pressure, high blood sugar, stubborn abdominal fat and high cholesterol are some of the symptoms of a vitamin D3 deficiency

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Vitamin D3 is critical for your overall health. It has a huge impact on your immune system and  increases the absorption rate of several key minerals !

Vitamin D3K2 – Capsules (2-Month Supply)
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Vitamins D3 & K2 are two of the most important vitamins in regards to improving and maintaining your health!

          One of the many reasons vitamin D3 is important for your health is that it takes calcium out of the blood and helps deliver it into the tissues. That, in general, is a good thing. However, vitamin K2 directs where that calcium will go.

If you take vitamin D in the absence of vitamin K2, the vitamin D will take calcium out of the blood and much of it will end up in soft tissues, such as your heart, arteries and muscles – not where you need it.

When taking vitamin K2 with vitamin D3, the calcium is directed towards your bones and other places you need it. You should never, never, never take vitamin D3 without also taking vitamin K2.

Having a sufficient level of vitamin D3 reduces your chances of developing these problems.

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • High cholesterol
  • Abdominal fat


Vitamin D3K2 – Capsules (2-Month Supply)
$34.95 $26.95

If you are not getting enough sun and/or if your diet is lacking nutrients, it may be causing a deficiency in vitamin D3.

“My hair was shedding quite a bit, and my dermatologist tested me for a Vitamin D deficiency (I hardly get any sunlight). Turns out it was pretty severe. This completely stopped and reversed the shedding (thickened my hair) and overall my mood was improved.”

S. McGraw

“My doctor regularly checks my Vitamin D levels. I bought D3 &K2 product from Body Manual.  My Vitamin D levels quickly went back up to the right level. I also like the amount of K2 I’m getting, which is higher than my previous combination was. I will order again.”

M. Graves

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Vitamin D3K2 – Capsules    (2-Month Supply)
$34.95 $26.95